Penis Extender Perfect Program
Penis Extender  Perfect Program
Based on our users experience we gathered all information and came with the best program for you to have the best comfort when you are using the penis extender. This program can get you up to 2 inches in next 6 month.

Before you put the extender on the penis make sure you get your penis extender in semi erect state. Keep in mind, to stretch the penis head, it has to be in semi erect state or the penis will slip off the comfort pad. Worm your penis by doing some manual stretches. Then build the penis extender for length of your penis, mount the extender on your penis and strap thepenis extender penis.

After this increase slowly the tension of the penis extender by rotating the base wheels. Increase slowly until you met an uncomfortable state and go back to the comfortable state. Penis pills can help you add inches faster to the penis size. Doctors recommend that you need to stop smoking and drink alcohol when you use the penis extender. Doctors claim that people eating healthy, no meat, a lot of vegetables and fruits instead of sweeties, can have erection at an age over 60 years.

Wear the penis extender as follows:

First month

First week use the extender at a minimum traction to get used with this new thing called penis extender. Use the penis extender 2 hours/ day.
Second week use the penis extender at medium traction, wear it 3 hours/day. Wear the penis extender for 5 days and take a break of 2 days.
Third week wear the penis extender in 2 sessions, 2 hours each per day. Use the penis extender for 5 days and take a break of 2 days. Use the extender at medium traction.
Forth week wear the penis extender in 4 sessions, 2 hour each one per day. Take only one day break. Wear the extender at medium traction.

Second month

Now you are ready to use the extender at maximum traction.

First week wear the penis extender at maximum traction for 2hours/day.

Second week wear the penis extender at maximum traction 3hours/day. Take a break for one day.

Third week wear the penis at maximum traction in 2 sessions 2 hours each session/day. Take 2 days break this week.

From now on use the penis extenders in 4 sessions 2 hours each/day at maximum traction.

If the penis extender is uncomfortable to wear take a 15 min break and loosen the traction.

Build your program and stick to it.

Every time remember not to overstretch or youll suffer injuries.

The result is permanent without side effects.

The penis extender works when you wear it properly!

I wish you to have a comfortable session wearing your penis extender.
How to get a ticker penis
How to get a ticker penis

penis extenderThere are various methods to get a ticker penis. Penis exercises, penis pumps, penis enlargement pills and penis extenders. All these methods are derived from ancient penis enlargement techniques.

Since ancient times, men pursuit the need of a bigger penis. If you are thinking that getting a bigger penis is impossible, think again. From all those methods enumerated above the most effective one is by far the penis extender use. Clinical studies show that over 95% men get a ticker penis in first 6 months of using.

The penis extender has been built by professional doctors that know very well the male reproduction organ. Doctors all over the world are recommending the penis extender as a method for correcting penis curvatures and for penis enlargement. Besides all other methods, penis extender does offer permanent results for a tinker penis. From all those penis extenders on the market one stand out of them.

The Sizegenetics extender is the most used penis extender on the market. Because Sizegenetics users claim a bigger penis from first month of using, the Sizegenetics extender got popular.

Sizegenetics system offers a complete system for penis enlargement. The package include: penis extender, 16ways comfort strap, penis enlargement pills and penis exercises and videos. These are by fast the most important features that make Sizegenetics stand out of the crowd. No other penis extender offers such features.

This is why most men who want a bigger penis choose Sizegenetics system. How does the Sizegenetics extender work? Its forcing the penis stretch making the penis cells to divide and replicate. When you use the penis extender you should get it in a semi erect state. If the extender is used properly it will get you up to 3 inches in 6 months.

Most users claim that they got 1inch in first 1 month. Claim your Sizegenetics system today.
Penis Extender History
Penis extender might me the most natural method to enlarge the penis, but the principle is not new. The invention of penis extender is pretty new on the market but the idea of penis extending has been studied for thousands of years.

In some African cultures they use weights to enlarge lips, ears and why not penis. penis extenderMany tribal cultures chased the penis enlargement in one way or another. Penis extender is the natural way for penis enlargement.

Polynesian males were stretching their penile sing a woven sleeve made of a plant fiber and hung a rock. Also archeological images have been released showing people with big penises. The famous technique called jelqing is a derivation from Arab culture penis enlargement technique. Penis extender is the natural way for penis enlargement.

Many sexperts today sustain that penis exercises combined with penis extender and penis enlargement bills is the best recipe for a fast guaranteed method to enlarge your penis. Penis extender is the natural way for penis enlargement.

In Africa a lot of tribes used to stretch ears and lips, because of their culture. Some women in mursi tribe from Omo Valley, Ethiopia wear some lip disks. The disk size shows the womans sexual maturity and social status. Penis extender is the natural way for penis enlargement.

In India where KamaSutra was written, a lot of men used to jelqing and still do. As you see this going on for centuries. Its not new the idea of penis enlargement. If you want a bigger penis you should order one to day and start enlarging your penis. As I said before you would be amazed what women do for breast enlargement. Penis extender is the natural way for penis enlargement.

We recommend sizegenetics system because it contains pills and exercises and 16 ways for comfort. Check the reviews on our website. You wont regret it.